Our Story

Our story is part luck and part love. And we are delighted to share our pieces of this world with you here in Atlanta.

Our story begins ten years ago in 2012. When Sunny and David began traveling together to experience the amazing cultures, people, and cuisines of this beautiful world.

Sunny has always been the planner of our relationship. She is the one conducting massive research on where to eat before each trip. David is kind of the polar opposite, he doesn't plan... at all. He enjoys adventuring the unknown, taking each day and each bite by surprise.

Whether we traveled to different continents or different states, we wanted to somehow bring our favorite parts of it back home with us. And that's where we had a crazy idea.

After moving to Atlanta in 2015, we fell in love with the neapolitan-style pizzas here. It's a lighter pizza that we could enjoy and still be able to move around for the rest of the day (without feeling like we got hit by a truck!). So pizzas became our vessel of sharing our favorite parts of our trips back home with you.

We were lucky to have met so many amazing people from our travels. Some of them were able to hand us our favorite recipes crafted and passed down from generations of their culture. The ones we were able to get a hold of are the ones on our menu.

And so we will continue to travel... and continue to find new ways to share our favorites back home with you....

-Sunny & David